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Online testing

Posted on 2019-08-12 05:05:05 by admin

I'm feeling pretty pleased with the progress on Federama so far. It passes two "official" online tests and one unofficial one. As noted in the previous post, Federama now implements Webfinger, which is a protocol that allows apps and software to find information about accounts or objects. In the case of Federama, it creates a static file for each user account that can be read by Webfinger crawlers. According to the spec, Webfinger can also be used to provide info about posts, and pages, and so on. Federama might implement Webfinger in other ways in the future, but for now it only uses it for user accounts.

Another "official" standard that Federama implements is Nodeinfo. Nodeinfo was created by diaspora* as a way for websites to provide some statistics, such as the number of users, the number of posts, the protocols it uses, and so on. While the page that defines the Nodeinfo specification doesn't link to any tests, I found a Nodeinfo validator at fediverse.network. After some trial and error with the code, I wound up with a valid Nodeinfo file. (As I write this, I found there is a new version of Nodeinfo. Federama doesn't implement this yet, but will in the future.)

Last, but not least is the unofficial test. From one of my accounts on a Mastodon server, I was able to search, find, and follow my account on this server (admin@federama.social). Federama doesn't support messaging yet (soon), so it's kind of worthless, but at least I know other Fediverse instances can connect to Federama at some level. It's another stepping stone to ActivityPub implementation.